Ode to any Realizer

Before this birth, your presence filled the earth

And endless space could not, your radiance contain

Your sojourn, the longing of a lover’s song…

You recognized your face and form

And freely gave back to all, that given as by Grace

Your devotees, do they understand, your sacrifice of bliss?

Oh, revelator of the living Heart,

Your lips, this one has kissed

The foxes have dens, where do you lay your head?

I see it lies upon/within the Heart of every living being

And so to you this gift is given,

Prasad, shared by all

I know you now, Oh living one!

Your cosmic glance

Your liberating wink

How could I not, confess…

And you?

Always, already Here

And Now returned to bless



Architect of Intention

Architect of Intention

Born: Tao/20th Century. Observer/Disciple: Nature/Developmental Processes. RM/Consulting Engineering. Explorer: Direct Experience. Realizer: Self-Evident Truth.