Five Hundred Words on Life and Death in the ‘Con-Fusion’ of Covid 19

While the title may imply I think the pandemic is contrived, I don’t. Yet I will tell you what I do think within the context of insecurity, and the reality of experience itself, including the necessity for risk assessment in all we desire to enjoy from, and create within: Life. To ‘fuse’ with the ‘con’, is to overreact, and become obsessed with control, which may result in creating a life to be endured rather than lived…

We seldom assess the risk of everyday activities, like driving to the office, taking our children somewhere, or virtually any other mundane activity prescribed by the apparent necessities of ordinary life.

What are we willing to risk to live happy, meaningful lives? If one is driven to a sequestered life, divorced from the essence of our inherent values and desires as human beings, what will such a condition produce, and what does it indicate in terms of our REAL values? Does life seem truly worth living under such enforced conditions, or will we come to enjoy our continued isolation?

Whether the ‘good’ or the ‘bad’ thing happens, one is left with the inevitable consequences of action — the ‘doing/not doing’, throughout the course of life. In the case of a pandemic, it has become self-evident how easily misinformation can influence the actions of millions of people in unison with the overt and covert narratives disseminated through multiple sources, and with multiple motivations…

Aside from the possibility, and assertions of a conspiratorial effort to influence global economies and other nefarious inclinations, one is left with the actuality of what this pandemic has produced in our lives.

Thus, the essential questions become evident: What is an acceptable amount of risk when calculating the real cost from ‘holistic’ perspectives? Is the asserted ‘cure’ worse than the consequences of the disease? Do we have a long term plan supporting the viability of present actions? When does the quality of life become more meaningful than its duration, and reveal the more meaningful road less traveled?

The value of navigating life through the intimate, present awareness of it’s impermanent nature can foster perspectives that free attention from it’s incessant requests for final answers, as though life was a problem to be solved, rather than an adventure in suffering, to be lived. And ‘suffering’ is not merely the ‘bad’ thing happening, it is the process of the recognition of the impermanent nature of ALL things we tend to become attached to.

Have our ‘leaders’ failed us with fearful assertions presented in many narratives? Have they, and we, forgotten the nature of life, including our capacities to respond to risk in an intelligent, informed way, so as not to create additional fear and suffering, rather than less, along our way, which requires our active participation, or passive acquiescence?

Now, is always the only time we have to reflect on what we discover about ourselves and our assessments of our so called leaders. If we don’t, we will find ourselves repeating history on a regular basis. If we do, we can bring the resources we have to bear on issues that will repeat themselves, since they are at the core of what we desire as human beings.

“If” remains the prescient question in this age of instant communication.

It is no longer a question of time, but one of intelligence and ‘heart’ in the face of tribal/political identification and our capacity to understand the preponderance of misinformation in an age of algorithms.

‘Godspeed’ creates the necessity to understand the source and motivation(s) of ‘in-formation’ quickly.

May we respond in kind… Godspeed to us all!



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Architect of Intention

Architect of Intention

Born: Tao/20th Century. Observer/Disciple: Nature/Developmental Processes. RM/Consulting Engineering. Explorer: Direct Experience. Realizer: Self-Evident Truth.